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Hey, it's Ben!

I am so grateful you are joining us for the Position Publish Profit Masterplan! Would you like to help me promote it and attend the event for free*?

All you have to do is share a unique link with your friends, clients, colleagues, and networks (How To sign up to receive your link is below.)

WHY? BECAUSE I want to thank you for helping me to spread the word about this amazing event! And while thanks and appreciation are great, cash is great too! ?

That means that for every person who registers for my event using your custom link, you will receive 100%* of their general admission ticket price!

We can't wait to have you on board. Follow the next steps to get your unique link to share with your network.



*Paypal Fees may apply.

Affiliate Application Step by Step

step 1

Grab Your Custom Event Link by clicking on this button

This will take you to ThriveCart, which is the software we use to keep track of your custom links.

step 2

Sign up to your Account

1. Sign up and Register to a Thrive Cart Account - or log in if you already have one 

2. Enter your Name, Email, and choose your affiliate ID.

3. Agree to the terms and conditions and confirm your registration

step 3

Add your Paypal Information ( this is how you get paid!)

1. Navigate to your Dahsboard

2. NAvigate to the Products tab and click on view on the Ppp...

3. click in the Red Button to activate Paypal

4 follow Paypal's Instructions to be able to get paid

step 4

Activate your Account & Grab your Unique link!

1. Open your email and Activate your account by signing in

2. Copy your affiliate link from the Publish position Profit Live Dashboard

You are now all set up 

How To Use Your Custom Link

Post your custom link on social media, or send an email to your list.

Share information about the event directly with a family member, friend, business colleague, or someone you know personally to register for this live event experience.

Remember, this is YOUR custom link, so if the person you send registers, this is how we track it.

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