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Positioning Yourself As An Expert, Authority, or Thought Leader By Writing Your Book

Influence with a Heart Method book
  • Writing your book is one of the best ways to get more business. Shockingly, it's not difficult and doesn't need to take a long time! It's one of the most reliable ways to get the right clients while making you recession-proof, virus-proof, and downsizing-proof.
  • So whether you're a consultant, a coach, or entrepreneur, THE INFLUENCE WITH A HEART METHOD will transform your life.

  • Author Ben Gioia proves it. He wrote his second book in five weeks which turned into more than a quarter of a million dollars (of EXTRA income) within the first three years of publishing.
  • Not only that, he used his book to get a coveted, multi-day speaking gig at Stanford University before his book was even published (and landed a consulting gig with a Fortune 100 company).

  • Writing your book is key to getting the word out and making a bigger difference.

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