Do you need to 
in your business...

... so you can attract more of the right clients opportunities, while keeping your cashflow steady?

Then make sure your put these
7 positioning assets in place...

1. START: By Painting A Picture (SNAPSHOT) Of Your Successes Today (your business and/or life)


3. Talk About The Mess, The Low Point, Etc. - be true, real, honest, etc., paint the picture!

4. Describe The Moment (s) When You “Saw The Light” / Pivotal Moment / Everything changed (or you knew it was about to change)

5. Teach / Talk About The Wisdom That Has Lead You Back To Today (even right to This Moment)

(That's what I did.)

And here's what happened...

Almost immediately, I was invited to do 2-day training at Stanford University to 126 global business leaders. 

(My first major speaking event!)

Two months later, I was hired by a Fortune 100 company to help shift culture and transform customer experience — by creating the curriculum for an empathy & mindfulness video game — in collaboration with MIT.

(My first big consulting gig!)

As a result, I earned more than $192,000 that year (vs. $24,000 the year before).

Basically, I solved the "Pivot Puzzle".

Good news! You're about to discover
how you can solve the "Pivot Puzzle".

When you do this, right, you will:

     1. magnetize your best clients (instead of chasing after them);
     2. cultivate trust (and begin positioning

your value), right away;
     3. invite more referrals & relationships;
     4. establish (or re-establish) your brand, FAST!  
take your stand as an expert, authority, thought leader, and/or influencer in your space.

But make sure you're solving the puzzle
the right way.

person under crushing weight of debt

(In other words, try NOT to do what I was doing...)

Because my business — and first book of the same name — were called Marketing With A Heart.

And for 5 years, that business was doing, um... well... just OK.

• Money was TIGHT...

             ("$50,000 of debt, and way too much of that was on credit cards!")

• Clients were irregular and infrequent...

             ("But at least they were consistent about it... sheesh!")

• I KNEW I could be serving and impacting more people through my work...

             ("Instead of serving snacks & drinks while catering in San Francisco!")

• (And the hardest part) I was feeling less and less (and less) inspiration...

             ("My confidence was shot. I was losing faith and not trusting myself!)

I was scared & depressed because I thought

none of my dreams were EVER going to happen!

So I hired the right coach, did some deep work & reflection (i.e. the "inner game") , and realized It was time for me to PIVOT and POSITION my business (and myself) because:

1. I was still blending in with my potential client’s many other choices, pretty much ruining my chances of receiving the high fees that I knew I deserved for bringing my message to the world 

2. I was not standing out: no clear message, not a unique offer.

3. As a result, I wasn't attracting the right clients & opportunities.

That was the birth of Influence With A Heart®. 

That PIVOT taught me something that would radically TRANSFORM my business...

----->>>> You want to amplify what sets you apart from every other expert, authority, thought leader, or influencer

Because your positioning is what sells your stuff FAST (vs. scrambling around and doing lots of marketing.


"25 discovery calls, and 70 real leads."

"Man the growth was insane during that time. Two hundred plus followers, 25 discovery calls, and 70 real leads. The messaging was a game-changer."

Chris Hines

— Chris Hines
Podcaster & Coach, Greatness Unlimited
Seattle, WA, US

Here's how you can become a CATEGORY OF ONE, so you can serve more people, make more money, and make a bigger impact... 

Develop a clear message, unique offer, and proven method, in a book that connects your 'special sauce' to what your clients want & are looking for.

Continue to walk the path that you're guiding others along... grounded in your experience, hard-earned wisdom, case studies, stories, and successes.

Create more connection, referrals, authority, and trust by aligning your book, positioning, messaging, marketing, and unique offer.

When You're a Category of 1, You Can
Stop Worrying About The "Competition"

By amplifying what sets you apart, you're establishing the value of what you offer AT THE SAME TIME that you position your expertise.

As a result, you quickly find your way straight to the clients and companies who are a great fit!

S0 instead of worrying about "the competition", 
you can focus your time, energy, and attention on attracting the right people to you.

(Rather than chasing after them!)

Have you ever thought about what makes it possible for a company like Tesla to charge LOTS of money for what they offer?

The simple answer is because they’ve done the work to provide the marketplace and their audiences with something they simply CAN’T get anywhere else.

When YOU are able to do that, you can pretty much write your own ticket. 
Then it's easy for you to attract more of the right leads, right clients, and right referrals.

And it all starts with your KPC.

Your KPC: Key Positioning Currency

(i.e. Those 7 positioning assets from above.)

  • 1
     LinkedIn summary & tagline; 
  • 2
    “elevated” elevator pitch; 
  • 3
    Short Introduction About You
  • 4
    Your 'Special Sauce'
  • 5
    communicating That Your Worth 2X-5X-10X More Than What You're Charging   OR   how to legitimately articulate 2X-5X-10X the value of what you offer 
  • 6
    How To Choose Your Best Stories That Connect To Your Clients
  • 7
    your expertise framework

Here's Why Your KPC Is So Important:

  • 1
    ✔ LinkedIn summary & tagline Because LinkedIn is the first place people go to check you out. Between your 140-character tagline and your 1985-character summary (approx. 250 words), you have only a few seconds to attract, connect, and engage. Make sure you're clearly a Category of 1 so people choose you. Otherwise, they (literally) has 1000s of other options at their fingertips.
  • 2
    ✔ Your “Elevated” elevator pitch  Your “Elevated” Elevator Pitch — Because when you meet new people, don't make them run away! Nobody wants to be "sold", yet people do want solutions. Here's where you connect who you are & what you offer. to what this person needs.. so they say YES to you.
  • 3
    ✔ Going Live: Your Short introduction about you Going Live with Your Short Introduction About You — Because when you're on a podcast, speaking from the stage, or being interviewed on TV — you want to position yourself right — by choosing what people say about you. So give THEM the introduction YOU want them to share. (Pro tip: make sure to have 100-, 75-, and 50-word versions available that are clear, powerful, and compelling.)
  • 4
    ✔ How To Use Your 'special sauce' To Position Yourself Like Nobody Else — How To Use Your 'Special Sauce' To Position Yourself Like Nobody Else — Because you're not the only person who does what you do. BUT/AND why people will choose you is because of your 'special sauce'. These are your years of experience, education, triumphs, anecdotes, credentials, mishaps, insights, investment, wisdom, time, energy, effort, talent… and everything in between.
    (This is why people will pay more for you.)
  • 5
    ✔ how to legitimately articulate 2X-5X-10X the value of what you offer   How To Choose Your Best Stories That Connect To Your Clients — Because stories help people know you, like you, trust you, and want to develop an ongoing relationship with you. When you use stories, more people say yes because they allow you to create an almost instant rapport with your audience, listener, or reader.
  • 6
    ✔ How To Choose Your Best Stories That Connect To Your Clients  How To Create an 'expertise framework' — Make it simple for people to say YES(!) to you by clearly, simply, and that can fit on the back of a cocktail napkin. (This is great for networking, events, and chatting with the new person you just met.)
  • 7
    ✔ How to Legitimately Articulate 2X-5X-10X the Value of What you offer — so you can help more people, make more money, and make a bigger impact!
  • 8
      ✔ PLUS — (Recap/future) statement - deep work deep rest methods (and from other program - so not too much on the plate - map out the specifics

Q: "Is It Really Possible to PIVOT like this? 


If you follow the method, guidance, and strategy that I teach, It will absolutely work for you!

This is how & why I got hired to a 2-day training at Stanford University AND was hired by a Fortune 100 company to help shift culture and transform customer experience.

That made for an almost double 6-figure year for me!


Because I've spent the last 3.5 years integrating the best tools, strategies, and practices for writing a stellar book AND building the muscle for doing high-quality work, FAST, for every kind of project.

This unique approach (The Influence With A Heart Method®) worked for me. It works for my clients today.

The ways I teach my clients allow for deep work, deep rest, and time to enjoy your life... while pivoting your business the right way!

It's repeatable and leads to consistent results.

That means it's a proven method.

So I know — as long as you stick to the plan — It will absolutely work for you!

This is for you if:

  1. You want to pivot your business the right way — in just 7 weeks — so people keep asking for MORE, and telling others about you

  2. You want to position yourself as an expert, authority, thought leader, or influencer in people's minds and hearts.

  3. You want a simple AND easy approach to your positioning and need help from someone you can trust who’s done it and guided others, successfully.

  4. You want to create your KPC (Key Positioning Currency) FAST (and you want a proven STRUCTURE to organize your all of the bit of your secret sauce and make it doable).

  5. You want to easily talk about the unique value & benefits of what you provide — and that your best-fit clients actually care about.

  6. You want ​to create more connections, relationships, and referrals.

  7. You prefer to stay out of the “competition game” (which is better than having to lower your rates and working more)

  8. You want to create instant connection and rapport with your ideal client — whether you're face-to-face, onstage, online, or on the phone.

No Risk To You... Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

I absolutely guarantee that if you adhere to all the guidelines, schedule, and steps of this method, you will complete your book in just 5 weeks. If, somehow, you follow the method completely, and aren't finished at the end of 5 weeks, I'll work with you to get it done. 


“Ben is an artist when it comes to honing positioning and messaging."

“Ben is an artist when it comes to honing positioning and messaging to their essence."  I have worked with Ben to help me in my new positioning in the Technology space. With a long list of achievements, interests and not exactly a straight forward story, he had quite the challenge on hand.

"I loved his process of asking ever deeper questions and coaching me in a way where the direction was emerging within me. He was the facilitator weaving all the bits together in a truly amazing way."

Barbara Wittman

— ​Barbara Wittman
Trusted CIO Advisor for simplified IT

Author, Meetings in Moccasins: Leadership with Wisdom and Maturity

Top SAP Retail Consultant, Creator: The Trusted CIO Advisor Blueprint™

Loveland, CO, US

  • check
    If you’re pivoting your business, starting a new career, or changing jobs, make sure your KPC is clear, compelling, and gets your more clients!
  • check
    If you’re a speaker, coach, consultant, or entrepreneur, your KPC will juice your brand AND position you uniquely in the minds and hearts of the people you serve!
  • check
    Ready to get started? Because you have NOTHING TO LOSE...

... I want to personally invite you to 
Write Your #1, Best-Selling Book
In Just 5 Weeks


Receive all the VALUE of my premier, 1-on-1 coaching  
with all the BENEFITS of a Mastermind Group!

1. Make the right pivot in your business by getting positioning on point in just 7 weeks!

2. Expand your reach so your BIG IDEA will serve more people!

3. Build the right relationships so you can receive more money for the amazing value your offer!

4. Stand out as a unique expert, authority, thought leader, or influencer, 
so you get abundant referrals (which means that people do your marketing for you)!

5. Unleash the leader inside you and create your living legacy now!

"I had half a dozen referrals and one new client!"

"In 5 minutes, Ben helped me transform my professional introduction. Within the week, I had half a dozen referrals and one new client!"

— Gaia

Member: Evolutionary Business Council

Here's What It Looks Like

  • 1
    ✔ Influence With A Heart® Book Writing Template & Roadmap — You'll get everything you need for how to write your book — including structure, roadmap, models, schedule, template, tactics for deep work/deep rest, getting great testimonials, and writing strategies for your book.
  • 2
    ✔ 6X, LIVE Weekly "Office Hours" Calls (60 minutes each)  —  Show up and receive one-on-one coaching from me in a mastermind setting. You can hop on, ask whatever questions you want, and get me looking at your ideas (and book) and giving you direct feedback!
  • 3
    ✔ A Writing + Deep Work/Deep Rest Method That Works For YOUR Life — Learn how to leverage deep work, deep rest, your inner wisdom, and more — with 2 weeks of smart & strategic preparation BEFORE your 5 weeks of writing begins!
  • 4
    ✔ Super Savvy Community: The Influence With A Heart® Private, Facebook Mastermind Group — where people discuss, support each other, share and successes, so you never feel alone in this wacky and wonderful adventure!
  • 5
    ✔ PLUS — Recordings & Transcripts available for everything (all calls via Zoom (or phone)) — so you never miss a thing! If you can't join live, simply submit your questions ahead of time in the Mastermind Group and I will answer them during the call.
  • 6
    ✔ PLUSA business- and life-changing, transformational experience as you express your dreams, articulate your vision, and deliver your message to the world!
  • 7
    ✔ PLUS — The Influence With A Heart® Eye-Opening CHEAT SHEET — You'll write your book with every word you say, LITERALLY speaking your book out loud, and using accurate voice-to-text technology that's simple & fun.
  • 8
      ✔ PLUS — You just finished your book, YES YOU DID! (Now... how does THAT feel? Congratulation!)


"I'm already filling May slots for this course.

"So, I want to make sure there's a spot for you.

"AND I want to make sure you get in for the "Early Bird".

(You'll save $500 instantly.)

Want to join me for the $997 Early Bird
(instead of the $1,497.00 regular investment?

What People Are Saying About
Writing Their #1 Best Selling Book With Ben

"I have my positioning and messaging in place. Thank you, Ben!"

“Working with Ben is a treat. He brings a calm assurance, inspiring vision, and powerful strategic awareness to our work together. I see how to talk about what I offer/who I am/why it's unique in a clear, potent framework that I can communicate consistently with ease to my target audience. Because of this, I have my positioning and messaging in place. Thank you, Ben!”

— Jennifer Freeman
BIG Picture 
Consulting & Quantum Coaching

"Your insight was invaluable."

Hey Ben, thanks again for all your help in getting my book published! It went live today and your insight was invaluable. Your input and edits were a great boon and really helped me in the way I approached telling the story."

— Ralph Miller
Author of Christ Lives in You: Christian Meditation So Christ May Dwell In Your Heart

"... the thing that has been keeping me going."

“Working on my book has been the thing that has been keeping me going. Every time I feel doubt about my situation in business, I just remember that I'm bringing book into the world for the first time!"

— Cristina DiGiacomo, M.S.

Industrial Philosopher™ | Wisdom never fails.

Author: Wise Up! At Work | C-Suite Network Advisor

"Will It Pay Me Back?"

I know it will, because it works.

And, I invite you to ask yourself these four (4) questions:

1. "If all this did was help you attract more of the right people, so you could make a bigger impact in the world… would that be worth it?"

2. "If all this did was help you create success on your own terms… would that be worth it?

3. If all this did was give you the confidence to increase your rates 5X, 10X, or more, would that be worth it?"

4. "If all this did was get you one (1) extra, new client each month, would that be worth it?"

(How much is one client worth to you?)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I really write my book in 5 weeks?

---- Yes, if you follow the process, schedule, and recommendations from me. :) It's a proven, replicable process.

2. What if I'm not a good writer?

---- A) You're better than you think. B) It's not all "writing"... you'll be speaking and creating your book in other ways.

3. How can I write a book when the whole idea feels OVERWHELMING?

---- This method is PROVEN and developed for you to succeed. There's a roadmap, schedule, structure, accountability, community, and a whole lotta LOVE.

---- It's what I did and it helped earn me an additional $254,042.78, over a 3.5-year period

---- (If you still have questions, let's talk about them. (Go here.))

4. Do I need to write every day?

---- It's up to you, of course. However, the timeline for this process is 6 days of writing / 1 day off / repeat.

5. Do I have to work like a crazy person to write my book in 5 weeks?

---- NOPE. You do not. 

---- There is time for rest, rejuvenation, and YOUR LIFE  built right into the method... so you have time to recharge rock your writing!

Thanks for reading and considering what's possible!

I'm delighted to support you.

If you're still on the fence about getting your book DONE, let me ask you a coaching question: "If not now, WHEN?"

Let's write your book, shall we?

With love and a big hug,



Hurry... the clock's a tickin'!

Take Yourself Out of The “Competition Game”
 — And Position Yourself As A UNIQUE Expert, Authority, or Thought Leader — 
So You Can Have A Record-Breaking Year In Business... AND Make A Bigger Impact!



Isn't it time to FINALLY write your book?

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