Influence With A Heart™ 

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What People Are Saying

"Man the growth was insane during that time. I'd say about two hundred plus followers, 25 discovery calls, and 70 real leads. The messaging was a game-changer."

Chris Hines

Podcaster & Coach, Greatness Unlimited,
Seattle, WA, USA

"What resonates the most is Ben's heartfelt and patient approach, blended with skillful coaching aimed at achieving results. He offers an array of ideas, resources, and a strategic plan that gives traction to your vision while staying connected to the heart of your business."

​Annette Segal

CEO and Founder, The Valiant Group
Executive and Leadership Coaching
Oakland, CA, USA

"In 5 minutes, Ben helped me transform my professional introduction. Within the week, I had half a dozen referrals and one new client!"

Gaia Morrissette

Sexual Wellness Coach
Ontario, Canada

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