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Publishing Roadmap
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SPECIAL GUEST: Chris O'Byrne, Publisher of  more than 12,000 books with 130+ (active) partnerships!

SPECIAL GUEST: Donna Kunde, Producer of  more than 14,000 podcasts and Co-Founder of

SPECIAL GUEST: Chris O'Byrne, Publisher of  more than 12,000 books with 130+ (active) partnerships!

SPECIAL GUEST: Donna Kunde, Producer of  more than 14,000 podcasts and Co-Founder of

Know THE BEST WAY(s) to bring your book to the world, for your business and your lifestyle.

Use your book to get more leads, clients, and partners...BEFORE it’s published 
(or even finished)!

Make a bigger impact by positioning yourself as an expert, authority, or thought leader!

This isn’t just any old, online, live event. 

It’s a small-group, immersive, enlightening deep dive.

(LIMITED SEATING: Only 20 seats available!)

In this one-of-a-kind, LIVE deep dive, you'll discover how to...

1) Get your book done in 5 weeks so you can have the time, business, and freedom you love!
2) Make six and seven figures without selling a single book;
3) Save anywhere from $10K to $100,000 on your "publishing costs" by steering clear of the wrong strategies, wrong publishers, and wrong coaches!
4) "Skip the wasted time, “writer’s block”, temporary insanity, and overwhelm... and say yes to your book instead!"
5) Position yourself as a unique expert, authority, or thought leader so you can amplify your message!
6) Become three times more effective — with 10X more calm, connection, and ease than ever before!
7) Get empowered (& strategic) — so you can attract more leads & high ticket clients today — instead of losing 10 years and two million dollars (at least)!


You're in the right place! You'll have Ben's proven method for writing/finishing, publishing, profiting, and making an impact with your book & business while positioning yourself as the unique expert with your message. (You will know exactly what to do, whether you have an idea, a half-done book, or even a messy manuscript!) 

If you haven’t met him yet, YOUR HOST, Ben Gioia ("joya") is a three-time best-selling author, podcast, and international radio show host... who helps folks make an impact (as an expert) with their book, and enjoy 5-figure speaking fees & 6-figure consulting. PLUS getting leads, clients, & partners even BEFORE publishing! He’s trained 100s of millionaires & helped a Fortune 100 create an empathy video game for 20,000 employees.

Ben makes it easy — for leaders, coaches, consultants, speakers, and small business owners — to get their book done in as little as 5 weeks! With 38 years of writing adventures, Ben helped launch the world’s largest magazine (AARP) and his teachings are used by more than 50,000+ people worldwide. 

Influence with a Heart Method book

Monica Jenkins Headshot for Ben Gioia

"Thanks Ben Gioia, 
for your guidance! Not sure where to begin... I’m receiving a 
FIVE FIGURE FEE for just one workshop! HOW? We leveraged my UNFINISHED book!

"So many things happened already, just by leveraging the book, and I am overwhelmed in a great way!"

Dismantling Racism Terrlyn Avery Book Cover

— Monica J. Jenkins, Author of The Cost of Clutter, Billion-Dollar Wisdom for Culture, Communities, and Companies

“I'm an experienced and prolific writer, but without Ben's help I would still just be thinking about my first book. Ben's program and coaching helped me have confidence in what I did know (how to teach, tell a story, and touch people's hearts and minds) so I could get it on paper. Once I had that, Ben and his team helped me work through the doubts and details to turn my manuscript into a published work. They also helped me learn some new strategies and keep a level head about promoting and marketing the book. 

Not only am I immensely proud of it, it has already yielded benefits in the form of speaking and other opportunities. Most of all, it helped me see myself and my work in a totally new and less limited way. Any coaching program is an investment of time and money but Ben helps you stay laser focused on the fact that those are investments in you and your mission. If you have a story to tell, pick someone with a good heart and some experience to help you tell it. Ben is that person.”

— Claire E. Parsons, Author of How to Be a Badass Lawyer, Employment, Litigation, and Local Government Attorney, Mindfulness & Compassion Teacher, Mom to Unruly Girls

Annemarie Shrouder

"If I hadn't joined Ben's group, my book would still be in my computer. It would still be there... And can I share one thing!? ! I'm talking at Google Next month! somebody read my book at Google! And they're gonna pay me! And so that's like, brain exploding! So thank you, Ben!"

Being Brown In A Black and White World Annemarie S Book Cover

— Annemarie Shrouder, Int'l Speaker | Consultant | Facilitator: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | Racial Equity

Mag Dimond HEADSHOT Bowing To Elephants

"I want to thank you, Ben, for your supportive coaching, intelligent strategizing, and your persistent and kind guidance... as we launched my bestselling book, created the Writers Coming Together interview series, and are now launching my podcast, Bowing to Elephants!

"Because of your help in positioning, messaging, and publicity, I’ve been regularly interviewed on many different kinds of podcasts and I have a platform with tens of thousands of engaged followers and friends.

"It has been an exciting journey, and the fulfillment of some important dreams of mine!

— Mag Dimond, Bon Vivant, World Traveler

Kirkus Best Indie Award Winner! BOWING TO ELEPHANTS, Tales of A Travel Junkie • #1 Int'l Bestseller • Reviews: Jack Kornfield et al.

"I can't thank you enough for the excellent book coaching, Ben! A publisher discovered some of my writing and book ideas that I'd posted on my blog after working with you and asked me to send in a book proposal.

"He loved my clear and powerful message and easy-to-digest, storytelling style and gave me a book offer! 

"This incredible opportunity has been a dream come true and is bringing me many steps closer to fulfilling my mission!"

— Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Depth Hypnosis & Shamanic Practitioner

Annemarie Shrouder

"Sometimes you need a book midwife. Someone who will sit with you, hear your story, witness you, and help you to share that with the world. Tell you it's ok. Help you see that your story is the story you have to tell. Because it matters. Because it's yours.

"Ben Gioia is that person. Not only does he have an amazing program to shepherd you through the process, he has a gift for shining a light on what is uniquely yours, so you can see it. His insights have helped me to dive deeper into my story, and write a book that has impact.

I signed up to write my book. What I got was insight into the message I have to share, why it’s important, and found the courage to show up. It's a dream come true and a book that shares who I am with the world. Thank you Ben!"

— Annemarie Shrouder (she, her)
Int'l Speaker | Consultant | Facilitator: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | Racial Equity

SPECIAL GUEST: Donna Kunde, Producer of more than 14,000 podcasts and Co-Founder of

With her own international business radio station (and network), Donna is amplifying more than 70 experts (in 14 countries), reaching listeners in more than 183 countries, and delivering worldwide transformation, every single day. 

Donna is all about taking proven wisdom and applying it, 13 minutes at a time to be a unique expert, authority, or influencer in your field with a plug-and-play radio show/podcast. It’s called the Influencers Formula.


This is an unprecedented opportunity to transform your business and life!

• ONLINE, via Zoom or Phone

— 9am-11am Pacific, Friday

— 8am to 2pm Pacific, Saturday

— 8am to 2pm Pacific, Sunday

SPECIAL GUEST: Chris O'Byrne, owner of JetLaunch, with more than 130 active partnerships...

Chris has published over 12,000 books in the last 15 years. As a multiple bestselling author himself, Chris knows about books, and has been recognized by Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Bloomberg. 

Not only are his authors guaranteed a bestseller on Amazon; JETLAUNCH books are also best sellers on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists. Authors include John Lee Dumas, Joe Vitale, Annemarie Shrouder, Dan Sullivan, Stephanie Chandler, Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery, Kary Oberbrunner, Rachel Pedersen, Ben Gioia, and thousands more! One of Chris’ authors made over one million dollars from one book!


It’s an interactive, immersive, enlightening deep dive that will demystify publishing and empower you to make a powerful & profitable difference with your message!

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    BONUS 5 — Book Launch Checklist by Chris O'Byrne and Ben Gioia ($297 Value)

    BONUS 6 — The Expert Storyteller - Choosing The Best Stories For Your Business ($97 Value)

    BONUS 7 — Rest Is Good — Take Back Your Time and You Life Christine Powers & Ben Gioia ($47 Value)

    BONUS 8 — If You Are Wondering About Audiobooks — FAQ and Action Guide by Tina Dietz ($97 Value)

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