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Whether you have an idea, a half-done book, or even a messy manuscript, you will know exactly what to do next! 

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We'll roll up our sleeves and create your customized, step-by-step roadmap for your profitable, published book!

You'll know your optimum timeline for bringing your book to life... with the milestones to achieve (and the pitfalls to avoid).

Walk away from the weekend with your best strategy — so you can create the freedom, life, and impact you want!

YOUR HOST, Ben Gioia ("joya") is a three-time, best-selling author and publisher — who makes it easy to write a world-class book in just 5 weeks — and then launch, position, profit, and make a difference! With 35 years of writing and publishing, Ben has produced more than 352 million magazines. His teachings are used by more than 40,000 people worldwide.

Ben helped a Fortune 100 shift culture by creating an empathy video game for employees (with MIT). He trained leaders at Stanford and created the first mindfulness program for The ALS Association (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Ben believes that people thrive when they relax, smile, and ‘Quit Suffering Now’.

This isn’t just another online course or conference—it’s an interactive, immersive, enlightening experience that will demystify publishing and empower you to make a powerful and profitable difference.

In this one-of-a-kind, LIVE training, you will map your customized (profitable, impact-making) 
book publishing blueprint! You'll know about...

1)  What To Do Next (whether you have an idea, draft, manuscript or already published book);

2)  The Magic of Writing (or Rewriting) Your Client-Attracting Book (In Just 5 Weeks);

3)  The No B.S. Approach To Publishing, Launching & Becoming A Bestseller (or not);

4)  The answer(s) to “How the HECK do I market and monetize my book?

5)  Storytelling for Experts That Positions You As A Leader

6)  “Do I Self Publish, Go Hybrid, or Make It Traditional?”

7)  “When do I start my podcast?” What about Facebook ads?” (And other questions that just might suck the money right out of your bank account.)

8) Your Credibility Content Calendar with 365 of days of marketing messages that build relationships (all thanks to your book);

9)  How To Start Getting Customers, Speaking Gigs, Coaching Clients, and/or Training BEFORE You’re Published!

Mag Dimond HEADSHOT Bowing To Elephants

"I want to thank you, Ben, for your supportive coaching, intelligent strategizing, and your persistent and kind guidance... as we launched my bestselling book, created the Writers Coming Together interview series, and are now launching my podcast, Bowing to Elephants!

"Because of your help in positioning, messaging, and publicity, I’ve been regularly interviewed on many different kinds of podcasts and I have a platform with tens of thousands of engaged followers and friends.

"It has been an exciting journey, and the fulfillment of some important dreams of mine!

— Mag Dimond, Bon Vivant, World Traveler

Kirkus Best Indie Award Winner! BOWING TO ELEPHANTS, Tales of A Travel Junkie • #1 Int'l Bestseller • Reviews: Jack Kornfield et al.

"I can't thank you enough for the excellent book coaching, Ben! A publisher discovered some of my writing and book ideas that I'd posted on my blog after working with you and asked me to send in a book proposal.

"He loved my clear and powerful message and easy-to-digest, storytelling style and gave me a book offer! 

"This incredible opportunity has been a dream come true and is bringing me many steps closer to fulfilling my mission!"

— Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Depth Hypnosis & Shamanic Practitioner

Annemarie Shrouder

"Sometimes you need a book midwife. Someone who will sit with you, hear your story, witness you, and help you to share that with the world. Tell you it's ok. Help you see that your story is the story you have to tell. Because it matters. Because it's yours.

"Ben Gioia is that person. Not only does he have an amazing program to shepherd you through the process, he has a gift for shining a light on what is uniquely yours, so you can see it. His insights have helped me to dive deeper into my story, and write a book that has impact.

I signed up to write my book. What I got was insight into the message I have to share, why it’s important, and found the courage to show up. It's a dream come true and a book that shares who I am with the world. Thank you Ben!"

— Annemarie Shrouder (she, her)
Int'l Speaker | Consultant | Facilitator: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | Racial Equity

Because when you register for this event (regular or VIP),
you will receive access to this live, mini-kickstart



The is an unprecedented opportunity to transform your life! 


• LOCATION — This LIVE virtual event will run on – you guessed it – Zoom.

 • TIME(S) — 8am to 5 pm Pacific time Friday and Saturday, then 8am to 2pm PT on Sunday.

• Breakout Sessions — and breaks scheduled throughout. With time to share, ask questions, discuss and apply.


• Get the most out of this event by being present and undistracted. (And that's how you get the prizes!)

• This is a highly interactive event – the more participation, the better chance of winning prizes! We've got guest speakers and a few fun surprises.

• Attend and play full out with us!


It’s an interactive, immersive, enlightening experience that will demystify publishing and empower you to make a powerful & profitable difference!

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